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Travel Recommendation: Experiencing Special Lunch in Milan's Antique Tram

Travel Recommendation: Experiencing Special Lunch in Milan's Antique Tram
Tram antik di Milan siap angkut wisatawan berkeliling. (seatoday.com)

SEAToday.com, Milan-The city of Milan in Italy, not just famous as a world trendsetter in fashion and design. It also offers interesting experience for the visitors, such as: having a pleasant Italian meal on the antique tram, while enjoying the city.

The tram called Atmosfera, with old style restaurant concept, provides some menu options such as meat, fish and vegetarian. Include the appetizer, first course, second course, sweets and special Italian drinks.

Atmosfera operates under Azienda Transporti Minalesi (ATM) or Milanese Transports Company. There are two antique wagons with only 24 passengers in each wagon, so reservation must be done by on line at least prior 3 months.

The trip starts from Piazza Castello in front of the magnificent Castello Sforzesco and passing by most of Milan’s interesting monuments such as: Scala Teater, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Porta Nuovo. Bosco Verticale, Arco Della Pace, Main Cathedral Duomo, Darsena, Santa Marea Delle Grazie.

Each wagon completed with a toilet, a kitchen and wardrobe. One of the passengers, Sanja Lucic said, “I didn't expect such a good service, good food and the atmosphere takes the old times, that is why in my opinion everyone comes to Milan should at least experience this once in their lifetime.”

Besides the legendary restaurant tram Atmosfera, there is also ATM's historical legend called “Milan 1928” that have become an icon in Italy and since the tram started to travel in the streets of the city in the 1920s, they are still in circulation today. there are 125 trolleys in service, thanks to the precious maintenance activity by the ATM technicians preserving the design this tram can also be seen traveling through the streets of San Francisco.


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