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Dakota Johnson Has Done Her Best To Save Madame Web, Critics Said

Dakota Johnson Has Done Her Best To Save Madame Web, Critics Said
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SEAToday.com, New York - Dakota Johnson has made her best effort to save Sony's superheroes. She has received attention through her sarcastic comments on critics' opinions of her latest movie, Madame Web.

As reported by the BBC, the Guardian called Johnson one of the most inaccurate major superhero casts, while IndieWire said that the actress has done her best to save the underdeveloped superhero movie.

"Johnson is one of the most naturally honest and gifted performers to ever play the lead role in one of these things, and while that allows her to elevate certain moments in this movie way beyond where they have any right to be, it also makes it impossible for her to hide in the moments that lay bare their own miserableness," wrote David Ehrlich, a senior film critic for IndieWire.

Hollywood's top actresses are expected to always be on their best behavior when they're at the height of their popularity. Those who let their image be uncovered are considered incredibly honest and get more attention.

Johnson shared a story about how difficult it was to act in a scene before visual effects were added.

"That to me was absolutely psychotic. I was like, 'I don't know if this is going to be good at all!” she shared with Entertainment Weekly.

"Everyone who makes decisions is afraid. They want to do the safe thing and the safe thing is really boring,"  she also shared in L'Officiel.

As she joked on Saturday Night Live, Madame Web is similar to AI generated your boyfriend's perfect movie because Sydney Sweeney, as she has curvaceous body shape, co-starring this movie.

It is certainly possible that these actors are carefully choosing their public image thoughtfully and are not being entirely honest, but their attitude does make changes from the Disney and Marvel standards.

Writer: Halimatun Zakiah

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