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Agro and Water Tourism Attractions in East Manggarai will Blow Your Mind

Agro and Water Tourism Attractions in East Manggarai will Blow Your Mind
Rice field view for agro-tourism at Golo Loni, East Manggarai. Photo source: JADESTA Kemenparekraf

 SEAToday.com, East Manggarai - Tourism festivals are a strategic event to promote tourism. The East Manggarai Regency government will organise two festivals in 2024 with its tourism villages. First, in April 2024, the Ligota Beach Festival, in Compag Ndejing Tourism Village. Second, in September 2024, the Golo Loni Agritourism Festival, in Golo Loni Tourism Village. 

During the events, visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate not only the natural beauty but also cultural performances like the caci dance and other local traditions.

Compaq Ndejing and Golo Loni are two of 6 tourism villages in East Manggarai Regency.  Both villages have agro-tourism, creative-tourism, and water tourism destinations.  In Compang Ndejing Village, Ligota Beach is the main tourist destination. Tourists can enjoy water tourism while seeing the activities of fishermen on this beach. 

The reason Ligota beach is so peaceful is because Kali Wae Musur drains into a puddle there. At high tide, the water in the puddle periodically combines with seawater to reflect the color of the sky. Furthermore, visiting the rice fields in Compag Ndejing while trekking along the Waelaku river is surely attractive for tourists. 

Meanwhile, in September 2024, Golo Loni agro-tourism will be highlighted. Golo Loni is benefitted by its location on the Trans Flores road. According to indonesiajuara.asia, besides its agro-tourism, its natural destinations are too astonishing to miss, there are Cunca Neol Waterfall and Rana Mese Lake.

For creative tourism, you can enjoy several tours, such as Mat Weaving Tourism, Creative Economy Products, and several processed products from the Golo Loni community such as Pegagan Chips.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Golo Lini also has several water tourism attractions, such as river tubing and river camp. For those attractions, Golo Loni village is included in the top 300 Best Tourism Villages in Indonesia in 2023. (ALIF/DKD)



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